The AMM Mortgage Health Check -
How Healthy is Your Current Home Loan?

Australian Mortgage Managers P/L are happy to provide you with your own "Free Current Mortgage Health Check" in order to establish that you have the correct home loan.

1Does your current mortgage have ongoing fees?
1Does your current mortgage have features you simply do not use? 
1 Do you currently have your own dedicated mortgage manager?
1Has your life changed from when you first signed for your mortgage? (for example become married, had children, divorced etc)
1Has your household income increased or decreased since you signed for your current mortgage?
1Have you been able to save any money since you signed for your current mortgage?
1Are you happy with your current lender?   
1Is your interest rate competitive?   
1Has your current lender shown you the benefits of changing your current payment frequency and /or the amount?     
1Has your current lender provided you with a mortgage health check printed report?  

If you have answered "Yes" more than twice, then your current mortgage may no longer be appropriate for you.

It is time to talk to Australian Mortgage Managers P/L!