Buying a home whether it is your first home or your next home can be a stressful time, because generally in thirty short days you have to organise financing, negotiate over contracts, find the businesses to assist such as solicitors, movers etc and have a running schedule to ensure all is achieved within the timeframe. With all the thoughts of what needs to be achieved running laps around your mind, its no wonder you are already feeling exhausted just by the thought of it. Take a deep breath and read the helpful hints below to get you started.

  • First on the list – get organised. You need to be organised from the get go, otherwise the whole process will be messy and in turn stressful. Start with a list of everything you need to do and who you need to contact and by when. Now go through the due dates and prioritise in order of importance each task. Great, now you have broken down your huge list of tasks into something more manageable. So you can focus on each day’s tasks that you need to complete.
  • Research the area of your new home. You have found the property of your dreams, now drive or walk past every few days at different hours of the day and night. By doing this you will see the general activity of your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to think about the future of when you sell your home – is it close to a school, park, shops and transport? All these attributes will help sell your home in the future. Because you don’t want to just buy a home you love but one that will sell when you are ready for the next change in your life. Real estate agents are the best in terms of knowing about the local area. Meet with as many as possible to learn more about the area, you will be surprised how candid they can be.
  • Practice your negotiation skills; do not be afraid to negotiate. You could save thousands off your next home if you take the serious power of negotiation. When negotiating, start off highlight the reasons of why you are providing the offer and then offer your lowest price no matter how silly you think you will be. Aim for 20% less than the asking price. This will give you plenty of moving power and if you explain the reasoning for your low price then there is plenty of room to move. Once you offer the first amount, try for only 5% increase at a time.
  • You found the area, you have the found the home, you have agreed on the price. Now it’s time to sign the contract. Signing the contract is easy, reading and understanding the terms can be a little more intimidating. Ask to take the contract home, have a lawyer go over it. Anything you want to include in the contract, make sure it’s added. For instance, professional cleaning must be completed before settlement etc.
  • Contracts all signed, it’s time to start contacting businesses. Ensuring you find the right people to manage your priorities, seek out professionals that have a wealth of experience and enjoy their job. You do not want to be stressed because the solicitor keeps calling to say they cannot meet the deadline.
  • Become financially savvy. Time to dust off the keyboard and start researching the best financial lender for you. To save time in researching, contact Australian Mortgage Managers and they will do the research for you, providing you with a mortgage that suits your budget and lifestyle.
  • Start packing. Although the contract could fall through, if you have played your cards right you have a high chance the contract will proceed and you will be moving in less than thirty days. Time to start packing and organising your moving transportation. A great way to pack is to focus on one room at a time. This way you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you finish each room. Make sure you keep the staple items out, i.e. Kitchen plates, glasses etc for the remaining 30 days. For great packing organisation, mark each box with kitchen, study etc and then list five items inside. When it comes to unpacking you know which boxes to focus on first.

It's Moving day. Congratulations. Your house has settled. All your items are packed and you are ready to go. Drink plenty of fluids and don’t forget to say goodbye to your old place and bring on the new. Enjoy.