Selling your home? Find out how to add value to your home with minimal cost.

The time has come to sell your home, but how does one add value to the sale price with minimal cost?

Begin by creating a theme for your home. For creative ideas, view display homes to see the latest trend in interior decoration. The rule of thumb is, paint walls a cream based colour and use caramel and light brown colours for feature walls to illuminate warm surroundings. By creating a theme you are creating an experience for the buyer. The home stands out and is remembered when house hunting. It also becomes more of an emotional buy for the buyer, a home that they must have.

Simple additions for creating a luxury feel are by adding cushions, hanging up mirrors to create spacious surroundings (especially in small hallways) and placing quirky photos in frames on the walls. This can be achieved as easily as sourcing a picture online, printing it as you would a photo and replace your current photos with these pictures. This will add a splash of personality to your rooms.

For the main bedroom, ensure all the sheets and doona covers are crinkle free. Add some cushions and a rug at the bottom and you have created a stylish bed.

Make a feature in every room, such as a vase with tall stemmed flowers, a lounge chair in the main bedroom. Have chinaware displayed on your table, as if you were about to host a dinner party and display stylish appliances on your kitchen bench for added appeal. A coffee machine for example, boasts a trendy kitchen.

Lighting is very important. Lighting can really sell your home for you. Use bright lights in every room. Even turn on the lights in the day time, it adds a shine to your floors and creates a warm atmosphere.

You want to ooze style, comfort and warmth in your home. When decorating think about when you go on holiday, how everything looks clean and simple. People want their home to feel like a resort, except without the price tag. By adding these simple and effective interior decorations to your home you could add thousands when it comes to the final negotiation. The buyer will not negotiate too much off the price if they love it and if they cannot find major problems to negotiate a lower price.

This brings me to my next point; fix up anything that may need maintenance. Holes in walls, leaking taps, all these things add up to the final sale point. If a buyer turns on a tap and it won’t turn off properly they could drop thousands of dollars off the asking price. Even though it may only cost a small amount to fix.

Simple is best when landscaping. If you have a well established garden, keep it well trimmed and tidy. A poor state front yard may detract the potential buyer from even walking inside. A few hours of manual labour will save you thousands from any drop in price. Even if you hire someone to come clean it for you, it will be to your benefit.

Turn your back patio into a relaxed haven. Simply add a few chairs with cushions and a small table close by for drinks. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just turn the space into a relaxation haven.

When it comes to cleaning, think if you were going to a resort how clean would you expect the room to be? Clean your home from top to bottom. Clean your windows clean your cupboards. I walked into one home where the main bedroom was packed with boxes. How am I supposed to feel relaxed and ready for a nap when mayhem and clutter hits the spot? If you have to pack while showing your home, place your boxes in the garage, neatly stacked in a corner or take them to a storage unit for the short period. I don’t want to have to use my imagination on how the room may look when I move in. I want the room to inspire me.

Have clean bathrooms. No matter how old your bathroom is, it is imperative that the showers, toilets and basins are spotless and grime free. Products such as BAM work magic when it comes to grime or soap scum in the shower.

Aim for zero clutter. If you have opened cupboards on display only show minimal objects. You can still create a stylish home, but the less clutter of household items the more space you will create. The more the buyer will want to buy your home.

Now that you have cleaned, tidied and decorated your home, you are ready to put it on the market. Good luck.