Hold on a minute! If you are thinking this article is about settling down in your dream home, tips on how to find it and then acquire it, then yes, you are right. Read on to find out more -

It can take multiple properties to discover where you really want to live, how you want your home to be laid out and more importantly what building structures and settings you really want. This is the time to be picky, because if this is your last property, then you want it to be filled with new memories that will last for generations.

I am actually talking about living life. Living in a home that when in each room, it makes you smile. Every room, every item is what you love. It brings you joy. Wow! I know it can be hard to believe, yet a home can be so much more than just a shelter. That is why building a house is one thing, but creating a home, well it's an entirely different approach.

When applying for a mortgage, the later in life you aree, the lesser the years off the term of the loan you may be given to pay it off. This means higher regular repayments. It is important to consider your circumstances. Can you afford the repayments? Only you can answer this.

A financial institution can approve a mortgage, yet you need to work out if the repayments can fit in your budget. And allow a little bit extra to put aside to cover for interest rate rises etc. Also think about maintenance costs and upkeep to add to your budget. 

In terms of location, if you are seriously considering leaving the workplace in five or less years' time, then finding your ideal location is in your best interest. Even if it is not as close to your work as you would originally want. You need to move your mindset away from your workplace, to your lifestyle. It can be hard to think about what you want for your future. But there is nothing wrong with taking some time to think about it, note it and plan for it.

Before buying your next property, look at every past property you have bought and sold. List what you liked and disliked from each of the properties. Also list any buying and selling techniques you picked up from each property you held. 

Once you do find your last property, make it your home. 

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