Seven states compete against each other with the goal to win the popularity race with the highest resident population in the nation. Who will be the winner?

It is no wonder a vast majority of Australian’s have never explored life outside Australia. Each state provides much to see and experience, why would anyone want to leave?

Let’s take a look at each state and then compare the results of the most popular state.

  • Australian Capital Territory
    This romantic, historic, political state offers much to see and do. Explore historic townships, natural wonders, and remarkable coastlines. A massive 53% of land is preserved as parks and reserves. Be sure to visit the famous Snowy Mountains in the cooler weather.
  • New South Wales
    From coastlines to country NSW offers scenic coastal drives, vineyards, viewing of wild animals at play. From stunning beaches at Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour to glorious mountain views on top of the Blue Mountains and snow on the Snowy Mountains, to living remote in the country.
  • Queensland
    The sunny state offers sunshine nearly 300 days a year. Even in the winter months you can expect days of sunshine and warmth. Queensland boasts living the relaxing life with farmlands, beaches, mining towns and cities. You will enjoy living in the vast land with attractions such as The Great Barrier Reef, World Heritage listed rainforests and access to many stunning islands.
  • South Australia
    When thinking of South Australia, think wine and seafood. The Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island carry cultural and spiritual significance - a must see for all who visit. Caves are also on the exploration list as well as the many coastline activities such as fishing, boating and surfing.
  • Tasmania
    The state located at the edge of the world. Tasmania may be small, but the landscape and experiences are many. Enjoy the lush green landscapes and high hilltop mountains; view the boisterous sea and never ending glorious scenery. This state has a big heart. Must do activities include, riding the rapids, visit the oldest theatre in Australia and the old convict sites.
  • Victoria
    Victoria holds the charm and grandeur of our heritage buildings. Look around and you will be in awe of the romantic state. Enter the heart of Victoria, Melbourne, and note the polished and professional style in dress and speech. Leave the city and visit Victoria’s regions to discover wineries, over 100 natural springs, high altitude Alps and coastal villages. There are many walking trails of stunning picturesque views to be seen or relax in one of the regions natural spas and retreats. Take a ride on Australia's oldest steam railway, Puffy Billy; one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. There are many activities to do such as visit a local zoo, go digging in an old gold mine, visit Federation Square in Melbourne for a daily schedule of events, restaurants and galleries.
  • Western Australia
    Western Australia comprises up to one third of Australia’s total landmass. WA offers great outback for the soul searchers, fun in the sun, surf and sea for the water lovers, histories gold mining town, camping under the stars, stunning landscapes of the Margaret River. WA even holds the largest collection of wildflowers in the world. Interesting activities include riding a camel, swimming with whale sharks and viewing the unique rock formations of the Pinnacles.


Above is the summary of excitement for each state. Now, let's check the figures. Below is the tally for the resident population per state:

Population Chart

Third place in the popularity competition for the number of residents in each state goes to Queensland with 4.6 million residents.

A close second of 5.64 million goes to Victoria.

Who wins the popularity competition?

Drum roll please…

The winner is New South Wales, with over 7.3 million residents.

*Statistics sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics.