Have you ever sat down and designed your own dream home? Yet, when you started your house hunting adventure, you discovered there was nothing on the market that resembled what you pictured in your mind. 

Yes, you may have realised your budget cannot afford to pay for your dream living. Or can it?

See you can create your dream home. You just have to know where to look to create the style you want. If you are looking to buy an older established property for example, then perhaps all you need to spend money on in turning your place into a dream home is the interior decorating. And with online shopping, markets and antique stores, you can actually pick up quality, stylish materials for a bargain price. All you have to do is be prepared to do the hunting. And you may even find something better than you had originally planned for.

If you are building a property, you will soon learn when on a budget, there are general housing styles that you will choose from. Rather than you creating your unique style plan from scratch. Why? More complex design will cost you more to build. If you like the majority of the style but want to add some changes, ask your builder. Being flexible and having negotiation skills is key. However time is money. The longer is will take for your new design to be drafted and approved, the more the delay will cost you. 

Again, really think about if there was a wall within that you originally wanted removed to open the space. Maybe with interior decorating you can change the feel of the room to make it look more open and larger, even with the wall still in place. 

Having your dream home is by filling your home with warmth and happiness. You don't have to have the most expensive property on the block. But by making it your own, you turn your house to a home. Remember less is best and when furnishing, only choose items that bring you joy. 

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