Doesn't it feel that when we hit the month of December, that it was not that long ago when we were putting up the Christmas tree in the previous year? Time flies. Especially when you do have an offer of contract on a property and in the interim have so much to plan, organise and do. You wonder in 30 days, will I be ready to settle into a new place?

Here is a Christmas how-to-plan, on how you can move house in 30 days:

Day 1 & 2 - Call all necessary parties to ensure all paperwork is completed, deadlines are listed and most importantly the removalists are booked. December is a busy year for sales of properties, so booking in cleaners etc. at your earliest convenience is required. Make one day allocated to calling everyone and you will be able to have a few days rest from the phone after that. 

Then over the next 26 days, spend thirty minutes packing boxes. (You can do ten minute blocks, if you prefer). Also clean the outskirts of one room every day. This means, wash the windows, clean the walls, brush off the cob webs on the ceiling. Wash the curtains or wipe down the blinds. Do not vacuum till the very end of the 30 days. If you hire a cleaner, be sure to discuss exactly what you are wanting to pay them to do. It could range from vacuuming and mopping each room, once all items have been moved, wash the windows and carpet cleaning etc. Whatever they are going to do, remove these items from your list. Cannot afford a cleaner? Seek out family members for the job. 

A week prior, it is not a bad idea to confirm with everyone you are relying on, to remind them on what their involvement is. 

Day 29 - Fill up on some cold refreshments and snacks for the following day to give to those helping you out. Leave out a roll of toilet paper, hand towels, soap, gloves and whatever else you might think you need on the day. Be sure to charge your mobile phone.

Day 30 - Settlement - Relax and hope that it all goes to plan. Call the agent, solicitor and lender to confirm all is ready to procced (i.e Property Title, keys etc.) Then pack everything onto the truck. It is handy for someone to stay back and do a final clean and inspection. The golden rule is to = Make the bed first, before unpacking any boxes. Obviously this comes after, moving everything off the truck. (Time is ticking and every hour costs you more).

If you are moving house over the Christmas period, be prepared for heavier traffic on the roads and highways and possible surcharges on hiring costs for vehicles etc. And be sure to not forget to put up a small Christmas tree or little decoration on the big day, if you have only moved the night before. (You will still want to be reminded it's Christmas!) 

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