December is now among us. Holidays and contemplation lead to many decisions. One major decision is, should I put my house on the market this month? 

It is a valid question because many people are focussing on Christmas preparations and holiday getaways, who is left to go house hunting? 

The above needs to be considered before you list your market for sale. As well as the concept of, can you wait till January to put up your property? And have you already found a property you want to move into? 

The December period does have a lesser amount of properties to showcase. Yet this could give you a better selling point because lesser properties are on the market and in turn there is a select few for buyers (possibly desperate buyers) to choose from. 

Chat to your local real estate agent. Find out how many properties they sold the previous month and their average turnaround time to sell a property. I know one real estate agent who can sell any property within a month and sometimes in a matter of days. Others who are not driving the local industry can take nine weeks or more. Just because it may be a dry period, it does not mean the experts cannot find you a buyer.

As it is in the summer period and if you will nto be gone for long - when someone comes to inspect the property - why not leave the air conditioning on, or open a window to show off the cool breeze? If someone wants to inspect the property while you are hosting a party, invite them in. They will get a great vibe from the property and with the food displayed and people entertaining, they will get a taste of what their life will be when they move in. 

Perhaps Santa might even give you the best Christmas of all. 

And if you do not sell in December, do not despair, you could very well sell in January, as the real estate market heats up for another year. 

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